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Would you like to enjoy the delicious aromas of grilled meats and vegetables?

At Vía Granados you will find the perfect fusion between traditional cuisine and the most contemporary culinary techniques. Our chefs have created an exquisite menu, full of flavors that will transport you directly to nature.

where the passion for good food and authentic flavors combine to offer you a unique experience.

Authentic delicacies cooked to perfection on our embers

We invite you to savor our juicy rice dishes, fresh vegetables and grilled meats, carefully prepared to delight your palate. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece, prepared with top quality ingredients and a touch of affection that only we can give you.

In Via Granados, you will not only enjoy excellent food, but also a close and friendly service. We want you to feel at home, surrounded by a cozy atmosphere full of details inspired by nature, which make each visit special and unique.

enjoy our


Chargrilled Meats

From the succulent Asturian Veal that will transport you directly to the green landscapes of the north, to the Teruel Lamb with denomination of origin, with that unmistakable flavor that only the Aragonese land can offer. And for pork lovers, let yourself be enchanted by the select Iberian cuts from Guijuelo, where quality and tradition merge in one bite.

Let yourself be seduced by the intensity of the smoked flavor and the mastery with which we prepare each cut, ensuring that each bite is a true culinary experience. Discover the passion and authentic flavor of our grilled meats!

Chargrilled rice dishes

Discover the magic of our grilled rice dishes!

From the seafood Paella Via Granados with its seafood flavor, to the irresistible vegetable Paella with truffle oil. Do not miss the authentic Fideuá with cuttlefish and prawns or the exquisite black rice.

And for meat lovers, the Arroz de vaca vieja gallega will surprise you, and don’t forget to try our innovative Canelones de Pere fonda style!

Chargrilled Vegetables

Immerse yourself in the freshness and authentic flavors of our grilled vegetables! Enjoy the eggplants, a specialty that will captivate you with its irresistible flavor. Try the tender green asparagus with romesco sauce or the delicious mushrooms with ham.

In season, you can’t miss the unique flavors of calçots or artichokes, both with a smoky touch that will leave you wanting more. Let yourself be carried away by the richness of the escalivada montañesa, a combination of flavors that will surprise you.

event spaces

In the heart of Barcelona, Via Granados is not only synonymous with the most exquisite cuisine based on grilled meats and vegetables, but also the perfect setting for your special events. Whether it’s an intimate celebration, a corporate presentation or an elegant cocktail party, our versatile spaces adapt to every occasion, guaranteeing an exclusive atmosphere and an unforgettable culinary experience.

Whether for corporate dinners and lunches, celebrations such as baptisms and communions, festivities as marked as Christmas, St. Stephen’s Day or New Year’s Day, or simply for that long-awaited birthday, Via Granados is more than a restaurant: it is a destination where every event, no matter its size, becomes a magical and unforgettable moment. Let us be the backdrop of your most memorable moments and give you an unparalleled experience in Barcelona, we are waiting for you at Via Granados!

Large Room

With the capacity to accommodate up to 60 seated guests, and in its presidential table configuration up to 35, it is ideal for larger gatherings.

If you prefer a more casual format, this space can accommodate up to 40 people standing. It is also equipped with a screen and projection equipment, as well as a state-of-the-art sound system for your presentations and corporate events.

Small Room

A more intimate but equally special space. With a capacity of up to 30 people seated, and 22 at the presidential table, it is the perfect option for more private or family gatherings.

And if you prefer a cocktail atmosphere, it can accommodate up to 20 people standing. It is perfectly equipped with a TV and sound system to ensure that your event is a success.

Good food, close attention and a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Barcelona.


At the heart of L’Eixample

L’Eixample and El Raval are two of the neighborhoods that encapsulate the essence of Barcelona and are our favorite spots.

One of the most iconic and full of history neighborhoods of Barcelona is El Raval. With a vibrant past and a constantly evolving present, this neighborhood represents the perfect fusion between cultural legacy and urban innovation. Here, modern boutiques coexist with historic buildings, and tradition intermingles with the avant-garde.

The heart of L’Eixample? Its Mercado de la Concepción, a traditional market that has supplied the people of Barcelona with fresh, quality products since 1888.

For its part, Enric Granados Street is one of the city’s pedestrian jewels. A quiet and artistic oasis, where local life unfolds at the leisurely pace of its terraces and art galleries.

We love Barcelona and its neighborhoods, so you will find us in one of the most iconic streets of the city, in C/ Enric Granados, 67.

A few steps away, you will also find the emblematic Casa Batlló and the majestic Paseo de Gracia.

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Via Granados, Contemporary Brasserie

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Restaurant specialized in grilled meats, vegetables and rice dishes in Barcelona

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